Professional Courses from Social Workers

"Person Oriented , Family Centered"

Emotional control

For impulsive, irritable, grumpy, rebellious emotions and other problems, learn the ways and methods of emotional management, and express emotions appropriately

Behavior management

Aiming at bad behaviors such as being tired of studying, playing truant, stealing money, etc., use science courses to solve children's psychological and behavioral problems.

Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling The professional psychological teacher understands the past and present experiences of the child and the family, penetrates into the child’s real life and inner world, and correctly guides the psychological distress of young people.

Sandbox psychology

Through symbolic and metaphorical forms, scenes related to traumatic experiences are reproduced in the sand table to help discover and solve problems.

Family Education

Provide one-to-one solutions for family education restoration, parent-child communication difficulties, and scientific parenting problems.

Game Psychology Class

Through games, we can directly understand the deep roots of their behaviors. The process is full of joy and no pressure, so that children can be in a relaxed and happy atmosphere and adjust their physical and mental states.

Founder - Ms. Leung

Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center-Certified Cross-border Mediation Instructor
Hong Kong Mediation Qualifications Review Association Limited (Review Council) Certified Comprehensive Mediator
Hong Kong Settlement Center Certified Professional Mediator
International Institute for Restorative Practices (International Institute for Restorative Practices IIRP) Restorative Conference Hosting Certificate Certification
"International Crisis Accident Stress Association" approved the intervention of the personal crisis accident stress management team Certificate Certification (U.S.)
The Association of Chartered Financial Strategists issued the "Approved Child Financial Coach" certificate certification
Professional Accreditation Association Certified Gambling Counselor (Canada)
Executive Lecturer MBTI® Step I & Step II Certified Executive Lecturer

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