An organization that has been committed to supporting and promoting family functions.

We provide service based on the tenet of “Person Oriented, Family Centered.”

Solving parent-child mediation services in a flexible and innovative way. The service targets are individuals, families, schools, companies and communities who cooperate with each other to achieve family harmony in all aspects.

Founder’s Profile

Ms. Leung , Hong Kong’s top ten mediation experts, specializes in parent-child education, and is good at parent-child mediation and international mediation. She has lectured on more than 550 public seminars and training workshops, organized more than 1,000 parent-child, leadership development and volunteer activities. In terms of parent-child mediation counseling, she has more than 13,200 hours of one-on-one mediation cases, parent-child education seminars and More than 25,000 hours of event planning, rich teaching and practical experience, allowing students to gain experience and knowledge in a relaxed and active atmosphere. Ms. Leung is often invited to the media, Hong Kong and Mainland government agencies, banks, business, and various primary and secondary schools. Lectures and interviews from school educational institutions and government agencies. Ms. Leung was the chairperson of the Hong Kong Family Life Education Publicity Campaign Working Group in 2011, 2013 and 2015. In 2016, the “Healthy Family and Youth Development Center” and the “Hong Kong Family Mediation Association” were established to introduce unique and systematic family parent-child mediation in the community. Services to effectively resolve family disputes and assist the whole-person development of the family


  • Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center-Certified Cross-Border Mediation Instructor
  • Certified Comprehensive Mediator of Hong Kong Mediation Qualifications Review Association Limited (Review Council)
  • Certified Professional Mediator of Hong Kong Settlement Center
  • International Institute for Restorative Practices (International Institute for Restorative Practices IIRP) Restorative Conference Hosting Certificate Certification
  • “International Crisis Accident Stress Association” approved the intervention of the personal crisis accident stress management team
  • Certificate certification (U.S.)
  • The Association of Chartered Financial Strategists issued the “Approved Child Financial Coach” certificate certification
  • Professional Qualification Accreditation Association Certified Gambling Counselor (Canada)
  • Executive Lecturer MBTI® Step I & Step II Certified Executive Lecturer

Service provided

  1. Family education / parent-child mediation service consultation hotline and interviews
  2. Family education / parent-child mediation promotion activities (lectures, press conferences, groups)
  3. School Mediation Education Course/Lecture/Group (student/teacher/social worker)
  4. Family Education / Parent-Child Mediation Interactive Game
  5. Kindergarten / elementary school / middle school / college entrance examination interview training
  6. Youth personal growth / leadership training / career planning activities

Contact Us

Address; 17/F., Wing Hing Commercial Building, 139 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Phone:+852 68136865